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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Nov 8, 2021

Deborah Peters; not just the top International Business Coach, but an Idea! She helps Business Leaders Scale offering a specialized leading edge approach! She is known in the industry as "The Business Accelerator".

Facilitating Leadership Retreats, Board Retreats, Strategy Sessions & Negotiating High Stakes deals, Deborah is a Visionary, a Strategist and a Change Agent. Deborah has delivered keynote speeches and customized programs in over 16 countries to date including; The 8th International Congress on Behavior Studies in Santiago, Spain; Leadership Skills for John Cabot University, Rome, Italy; The Global Super Yacht Forum, Seattle and Monaco; The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, London; Opportunities in Super Yachts in Malta and the Off Shore Wind Energy Conference, Copenhagen. Deborah is also a very engaged public presence in her local community with Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Advisory Board.

Master Trainer in Neuro Science, Deborah designs & delivers Growth Mind-Set tools that create change, growth and stability in any organization large or small. She has successfully lobbied US Congress and facilitated a trade agreement between Canada and Panama.

A partial list of clients include; Boeing, City of Long Beach, Bingham Law Firm, Epson America, Encore Credit Corporation, KIA Motors, Fox Rothschild, University of California; Irvine and San Bernardino Campuses, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, Arco Oil, Mayan Vacations, NASDAQ, Fraser Yachts etc.

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