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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Jun 21, 2018

Looking to produce outstanding monthly cash flow returns on your turnkey investments? It’s not impossible! Jeff Schechter, CEO and Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate, LLC, shows you exactly how you can achieve this goal. Together with Jack Gibson, his co-founder and the company’s president, High Return Real Estate has over 80-plus turnkey properties that are producing outstanding monthly cash flow returns. Jeff shares a sneak peek into the world of turnkey investments, and gives strategies, tips, and practical advice for real estate investors looking for passive income. Jeff also owns a private consulting practice where he helps people realize their full potential in all aspects of life.

Jeff Schechter’s love for real estate investing began in the 1980’s, when he began flipping homes that he lived in. Since those early days of torn up kitchens and bathrooms, Jeff has bought and sold many properties, and remains an active investor to this day.

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