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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Jul 26, 2018

When heartrepreneurs have this desire and knowing that they’re here to do something profound and allow that to steer the car, it becomes much easier than when they try to fight that. That knowing is the soul language according to master intuitive Jennifer Urezzio. Jennifer says soul language is a paradigm to put tangibility to soul. Most people are more awake than they acknowledge. It’s whether you decide to participate in that consciousness or not that matters. Some people decide not to listen or take action on what the soul is leading them to do is because the pattern that grew of not taking it is so ingrained. It seems easier, and taking conscious action seems so overwhelming and so hard. Jennifer says you have to have courage, stamina, and persistence because in the end, it’s easier to go up in consciousness than to stay at the level of that low-grade displeasure, despair, or fear. Jennifer talks about soul language, what our soul is saying, and how sometimes we can misinterpret it.

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