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Oct 2, 2018

When people come to workshops and seminars, they have the best intentions to learn, to grow, and to implement what they learned. However, when they get back to their day to day life, unfortunately, life tends to take over and a lot of people forget what they learned. They forget to implement or they implement very little. Bestselling author and founder of the One Minute Coach educational system Masha Malka says it’s a shame because they invest all this time, money, and effort and then didn’t do much with that. Masha started sending short messages to my workshop participants and clients, which she called the One Minute Coach because she thought everybody can find one minute just to be reminded about something new to learn and exactly how they can apply it. Masha says there’s always a reminder, information, and action steps that they can take based on that particular bit of information. Discover how you can learn the One Minute Coach way as Masha talks about the process she developed and taking action based on the knowledge that we receive.

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