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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Apr 23, 2019

Meet John Costello, the VP of Business Development and Government Relations for a $6 billion corporation in the advanced-semiconductor market. He was born into a working-class neighborhood on Chicago’s north side and grew up under difficult conditions. His father was a talented Italian tenor with mob connections and a proclivity for violence. His mother, the daughter of an Irish street cop, was a straight-laced Catholic girl until she took to the bottle after falling victim to that violence. Now the author of Executive Hoodlum, John is ready to reveal his life to the world. It has been a strange blend of two distinct worlds, but with one foot firmly placed in each. The fact that he is comfortable meeting with well-known senators in the morning to discuss government business, and can then enjoy the company of old friends from the streets of Chicago in the evening, is indicative of his parallel lives and will certainly be something audiences find intriguing.


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