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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Feb 28, 2017

Episode 18 Interview With Dr. John McGrail Welcome to Heartreprenuer radio. I am excited to be back with you. I have someone today who teaches something very simple and yet very profound. His name is Dr. John McGrail is a renown hypnotherapist and a self-improvement expert and spirituality teacher. He promotes and teaches precepts. Life is supposed to be fun. As Heartrepreneurs you know that. That is why I have him here. He has helped thousands of clients and students and all walks of life, find their fun. He does this in his clinical practice and through self-improvement and seminars and workshops. He has a book exclusive synthesis approach that integrates science, spirituality, transformation and listen, the things we all want in our lives. Balance. I have to tell you he is really a featured expert. He has had his writings featured in major print like Time, Readers Digest, Cosmo, Redbook, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, etc. He is here right now and his book, we will get into and talk about The Synthesis to Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation. Welcome! Dr. McGrail: Thank you so much I am delighted to be here today. Terri: I found you online and sort of stalked you for a while. The whole philosophy I believe so strongly is life is supposed to be fun. Let’s talk about how you resonated with that and then your approach. Dr. McGrail: First, I am not sure I came up with that slogan. I may have learned it along the way in my studies. What it means is not an endless series of hedonistic parties and just a big ole bash. What it means is when your life is working the way you want it to and you have balance working for you, then when you get up in the morning, you look forward to the day. You like the way you are treating yourself. You like the relationships you have. You love what you do, hopefully. Most of us, have to earn money. It is the nature of our society. When all of that is working, you look forward to the day. You like the people you are hanging out with. You like what you are doing for a living. It creates an enormous feeling of well-being. I don’t know the whole no pain no gain thing. It’s not supposed to be that way. Terri: I couldn’t agree more with that. That way bugs me. My very first book I wrote about 20 years ago, Work Yourself Happy. I was living a miserable life and I didn’t understand the whole concept that life was supposed to be fun. It wasn’t fun. Dr. McGrail: I had a similar experience in my earlier career. I have had several careers. I was in a similar place and I see this over and over again with my clients. People who are trying to live up to the expectations of others. Family, or society, memes, and they are miserable because they are not being true to themselves. When you live your life the way you want to live it, my favorite quote, There is only one success: To live your life in your own way. When you do that, it is just amazing how flow. How you begin to manifest in every way possible. That is what it is all about. That is what my synthesis process is all about. Terri: Please talk about your synthesis process. Dr. McGrail: It came from my terror, if you will at trying to find a topic for my dissertation. At the end of my PHD studies, I had done all of these research papers and now it’s time to do something original. I thought what do I have to contribute to the field of human beings. What am I going to add to this? I was really terrified because I couldn’t come up with anything. Call it divine providence, an inspiration, I thought I have over 1000 case files in my archives. I realized that most of my clients do very well, and some do ok. There are only a few that don’t do so well. I said, let’s see if we can find the common denominators for those folks who really excel and get through the …