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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Jan 13, 2020

The world tends to frown upon those who are not reaching for worldly success. That is why many of us find ourselves chasing what others want of us to achieve, forgetting who we are and what we truly want in the process. Tibor Nagy is all too familiar with this struggle. A former architect, Tibor found his true self after experiencing difficulties chasing a false definition of success. Now, having embarked his own personal development journey, he has become a mindset coach and founded Mindset Horizon. In this episode, Tibor takes us across his journey and imparts great wisdom about transforming to become our true selves and awakening our inner genius through mindset. Pursuing the passions we want in life is just a mindset away. Allow Tibor to guide you in overcoming the mind to transition in living your meaning life in this episode.


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