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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Aug 24, 2020

All we hear today is negativity and complaints about this product and that service, but we seldom express appreciation for the things that exceeded our expectations. Have you ever thought of sending a letter of appreciation to the people who gave you that excellent product or service? Yes, a literal, in-the-flesh, pen-on-paper letter of appreciation. For sure, you are reading this on some electronic device, probably after checking a few emails and messages, but chances are you still have at least a vague memory of the time when every message was written on paper. Do you remember what it felt like to receive a letter or card from a friend or a loved one? Do you remember how incredibly personal and touching that experience was? Is it safe to assume that half of you still have that stash of old letters and cards around somewhere? Professional freelance copyeditor and author of How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure, Lynette Smith believes that if we can resurrect that experience for the people we deal with in business, we can unlock better professional and personal relationships that go a long way. Tune in as Terri Levine talks to her about this.

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