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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Dec 29, 2017

Most people don’t like to be by themselves. Most people like connect with friends and big social groups and they never find time alone. For Joanne Barry Colon, alone time is a gift because it gives her time to spend with her angels and spirits and guides and have major, deep conversations with them to know that the path she’s on is the path that she’s supposed to be on and what’s going to unfold next. Joanne is a business owner, personal trainer, nutrition coach, physical therapy aide, natural bodybuilder, reiki master, and crystal healer. She has over 28 years in the health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry. Joanne talks about her book, Healing Within Meditation, and her goal to help women specifically transform their mind, body, and spirit with the help of working out, nutrition, reiki, crystals, and meditation.

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