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Nov 29, 2016

I have an incredible guest with me today. This is someone I am honored to call a friend and introduce you to because she is going to provide value. Her name is Marianne St. Claire. She creates energy and passion. As a muse, her unique zest for life inspires numbed out high achieving professionals on the brink of burnout to tune into their feelings and experience life pleasures from the boardroom to the bedroom. She inspires her clients to deliberately pursuit pleasure and increase their willingness and capacity. So they can live a liberated and free and easy life full of child like qualities of wonder and adventures and play and fun. Her motto is your power is in your pleasure. She has more than 20 experience. She is a wife, life coach, massage therapist, she has assisted thousands of professionals. The mystique of the muse is what makes her special. She is highly sought after. I have been doing radio interviews for years and years but I never had a muse on. Marianne’s most recent venture is Two Muses. A personally tailored life changing experience for the sophisticated client whose sumptuous lifestyle necessitates the feminine energy of the muse to increase their creativity to bring adventures to fruition. This is rock and roll different. Outside the box. I have on my first muse. Marianne, welcome. M: Hi Terry. It’s a pleasure to be here today. T: Not only do I get to have you but I get to introduce the world to the muse. Your power is your pleasure. We are talking about boardroom to bedroom. We have an interesting topic don’t we M: Let’s put everyone who is listening in this space of expansion. We are going to expand and blow their minds and their world apart. Let’s do it. T: I want to get into two things. How did you get into what you do/ describe what you mean by muse? M: It’s been an adventure. A calling with in me for many years. Putting that mystique into words or a way to describe energy and how it flows has been a challenge because I live in the world of feelings. As a muse, what I do is a little different than coaching in that it’s not coaching or counseling, its people come to me to get tapped into something, a stream of energy that is bigger and more expansive than where they presently are. So, with that, feminine energy is our ability to create. Our ability to be the essence of things that are going to be birthed into the world. Hence the female and the womb. A muse is that essence. Tapping into the beauty and creativity and it’s something that with that mystique it’s a little bit out of the box. It’s a tuning in and tapping in and boom the ideas spark. Getting out of the realm of everyday and getting into a place that through play and adventure, that we spark something new that wants to come in. T: wow. Now let’s get into the boardroom to bedroom? Where did that concept come from? Who should be the ideal client? How raises their hand and says I am in. M: It means professionally and personally. There is no difference in our lives that how we are in one, like being controlling, overworked, letting the masculine, more dominate the linear, we are going to show up that over when we come home. We bring that more or less in our personal life also. The boardroom to the bedroom is a concept I have been hearing for over 15 years in my head that we can live a life fully expressed, fully enjoying what we are doing from the boardroom to the bedroom. It’s our ideal client would be that person who is feeling burnt out. Stressed. Like the mundane. They are continuing going to work every day and they come home and their relationships are teetering. Numbed out. Not passionate about the things they are doing. They are doing it out of necessity. Out of responsibility.

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