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Heartrepreneur® Radio

May 30, 2018

Almost every career professional uses LinkedIn to establish connections, but very few realize the site’s potential as an advertising platform. Yes, you heard that right: Anyone in business can use LinkedIn to their advantage. AJ Wilcox, founder of, a LinkedIn ads-specific ad agency, says that you should remember your AMO; Audience, Message, Offer. Most clients seem to know, “This is my target audience. This is the message I want to bring to them.” People are busy and they’re on the platform for a reason. They didn’t just open up LinkedIn and sitting there saying, “What app can I click on?” The offer has to be an offer that does grab their attention. It also works really well for white collar recruiting and higher education placement. If you’re in business to do business, you have a pretty defined persona of getting a high-value conversion. That means that you stand to make $15,000 or more from the life of a customer! AJ also says that once you engage them, then LinkedIn ads is a perfect platform for you.

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