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May 31, 2018

Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that people will wake up in eight years’ time and go, “Things have changed so much.” Ever heard of the story where the boiling frog sits in a tub, the heater is turned on, and the frog does not realize that it’s up to boiling point until it’s too late? For many, that’s going to be the situation. Caroline Stokes, host of the Intelligent Recruiter Podcast, notes the fear factor in which individuals are saying, “AI is going to take our jobs.” Yes, 50% to 60% of our jobs that need to be automated will be taken by Artificial Intelligence, which means that we have to evolve in our human-to-human, connected relationship way of communicating. They’re going to think AI is the buzzword. Artificial is a buzzword. Deep learning is a buzzword. Deep data analytics is going to be something that isn’t going to be connected to them. The reality is so much is going to be automated, which means that emotional intelligence and our way of evolving needs to improve.

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