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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Dec 7, 2020

Welcome Back! It’s Terri Levine here at Heart-repreneur radio and Heart-repreneur TV, reminding you to stay present and stay focused on what is working. What is going right? How can you be of greater service to people who buy your products, your services? How can you really help, not just prospects, but to even do more for your current clients, patients or customers. This is not about being transactional. It’s about coming from the heart!

Today, we have a great guest, David Schwerin, and he resonates really well with people who are interested in spiritual subjects and afterall, Heart-repreneurs, we are spiritual and not necessarily religious. He also is really up on business and current event oriented listeners. So, therefore, he is here with us as Heart-repreneurs. He masterfully, actually, combines the two subjects and I’m really excited about this because not many people do and he is going to touch on things that are relevant to our lives talking about changes that are needed to happen. He’s done tons of presentations, been in the media everywhere that you can imagine. I found him on podcasts, radio shows, he’s a regular contributor to the Times of India Speaking Tree, which is one of the largest spiritual blogs in the world, with over 1 million subscribers. So we are super honored to have David with us today. Welcome to Heart-repreneur Radio and TV.