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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Dec 14, 2020

Karen Green is a motivational speaker, business mentor and author with a PASSION for helping entrepreneurs get their best results through a better understanding of their target customers.  She has a unique perspective on how the buyer’s mind works, having been both a buyer for major UK Grocery Retailers – Boots and Tesco and also Commercial director successfully selling right back at them. 

She has worked with some of Europe’s biggest food businesses enabling them not only to win new business and grow their sales but also to negotiate better deals. She now runs a consultancy business working with SMEs and entrepreneurs who want generate profitable sales growth and delivered training programs for various UK universities.

Karen is author of the best-selling book Recipe for Success which was shortlisted for Business book of the Year and talks about her experiences in the food industry and key take out on how to create a profitable food business.  She has also published a short book Ultimate guide to negotiation which is available on Amazon

In her spare time she is a keen runner and dedicated to finishing her village house renovation in the south of France (three and a half years and counting!)  She is the very proud mother of two children Jack who does something she doesn’t understand in banking IT and her daughter who is the penultimate year of medical school - both of whom taught her much about negotiation!