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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Jul 19, 2021

Roger Auger is a successful real estate investor and business owner. Born and bred in Hamilton, Ontario, Roger took himself from failing student in a poor household to managing hundreds of doors as a property manager. He created a profitable property management company, then sold it. Not stopping there, he created another company called Rocket Roger to buy property and create cash flow, while teaching others to live their dreams.

Once known as Dr. Hot Dog for his long-time hot dog cart business, Roger now runs his company Rocket Roger Properties with his family, focused on solution-based real estate investments in the Hamilton area. 

A devoted family man, Roger is married, the father of two, and seeks to pay it forward by helping kids and adults overcome past traumas.

Roger's Book:

No Excuses: How Anyone Can Overcome a Rough Start

Roger's Website:

Sell Fast Hamilton

Roger's Instagram:

Rocket Roger Properties

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