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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Sep 15, 2017

What is the single largest success resource? That’s easy… it’s your PEOPLE! How we grow, manage, maintain, serve, support and leverage our relationships with people is the most important and deciding factor of success on all sides of the business equation. Dean Hankey, the Dean of Success, reveals the secret to securing white-hot prospects. His proven system of scoring value, influence, and profit for your small business. Time to unleash your proven profit-producing persuasion into the market!

P. Dean Hankey, *M.D. (*Marketing Doctor!) “The DEAN of Success” is a SpeakTacular EnterTrainer & Marketing Magician with over 40 years’ experience onstage and more than 30,000 live event success solutions! As a veteran show and business expert, serial entrepreneur, performer, presenter, you’ll see Dean speak, teach, preach, and nag in “Revolutionary Re-Elationomics Revealed!” Learn how to leverage the insider secrets of ‘Show Business To GROW Business’ for rock-star results and sold-out success.

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