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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Aug 11, 2015

Watch the video below to hear Terri Levine explain why you need a Virtual Mentor. Click below if you prefer to listen to the audio. Or download the audio here: Why do you need a Virtual Mentor? You need a Virtual Mentor to help, get your business on track so that you can have more prospects, more patients, clients or customers that will result in more profit. Virtual Mentoring is a Done-For-You and Done with You, a way to have more business success. Even life coaching, not just business coaching can bring you a lot more personal success through Virtual Mentoring, having an online mentor who can coach you and consult with you to overcome your personal issues like health issues, wellness issues, weight-loss issues, relationship issues, career issues any other life issues have been proven to be very successful. Your mentor online, can work with you by phone, text or email even Facetime or Google hangout to really help you achieve, not only to achieve your business goals, but also your life goals. Online mentoring is the best way to interactively, have professional guidance and to assure not only your business success, but your personal success. Think about how an online mentor can truly help you with your inner issues “MINDSET” as well as your outer issues of achieving the goals that you have set. At we have an online mentor ready to help you, so take a moment and think about what your goals are, what would you like to achieve in business this year: Is it more leads? Is it the ability to convert those leads with ease? Is it more profit, more productivity? You might be an Organization, you might be a Corporation or you might be a Solopreneur, think how can a virtual mentor help you? Then think about your personal life and your personal goals, how is your mindset, are you truly clear what you want to achieve in the next 5 years, 3 years, 1 yr, 6 months, 30 days and do you have a solid action plan to achieve what you desire, the Virtual Mentoring that we provide even includes DONE-FOR-YOU with social media, with creating your products and services and your reverse marketing funnel unlike the marketing funnels that are out there. Take a moment, think about what it is that you really desire and truly want to achieve and then connect with us at so that we can help you find the Virtual Mentoring that’s created for you.

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