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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Jun 1, 2020

The number one thing that holds us back from becoming who we are meant to be is fear. We tend to remain where we started because we have already convinced ourselves that what we want is impossible. This is fear talking us out of what we are truly capable of, and in this great episode, Terri Levine has over Christina Rivera to share with us how her success started when she overcame fear. Christina is a corporate accounts receivable consultant, speaker, and internet podcast host of Savvy Business, Life Unscripted. She talks about how opportunities opened up to her when she decided to take the leap out of fear and inspires you to do the same. Every time you get rid of fear, you become freer. Get inside this great conversation to see what you have been missing out all along and discover the potential that is already in you, waiting to be opened up. 


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