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Aug 23, 2018

Sometimes you have to do more than one thing to put it all together because sometimes one will be working better than the others. That’s how puzzles work. Cristina Smith, founder and the CEO of the Subtle Energy Center, found herself infinitely bored on a flight to visit her brother when she decided to give Sudoku a try. She bought a 300-page puzzle book on her way back home and posted a challenge to herself to finish it all 300. As she delved into the puzzles, unexpected deeply spiritual quotes began to pop into her head. Sudoku, like anything in life, could be approached as an act of mindfulness to deepen spirituality and life purpose. Cristina says doing these puzzles is like yoga for the brain. When we stretch our bodies the way they‘re not used to, they become more flexible. These puzzles do the same thing for our brain. Being a subtle energy researcher, this discovery led her to do research on why and how that happens. It turns out that training and maintaining our brains work best by entertaining them.

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