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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Jan 24, 2017

Episode 15 Interview With Erica Blair Hey there it’s Terry Levine at Heartreprenuer radio and thanks for tuning in to another episode. I am excited to interview my guest. Her name is Erica Blair. Erica is a marketing strategist. A personal branding coach and location independent entrepreneur. She is in Thailand right now. She works with merchant entrepreneurs to generate influence and income by building an online presence. I know that many of you are interested in the online presence. One of the main reasons I wanted to have her. She helps people uncover ways they can connect to an audience by sharing their own unconventional stories as well as the knowledge they have gained through lived experiences. This is perfect. Welcome to the show Erica. Erica: Thank you so much for having me. Terri: I am excited. Before we get into some of the wonderful tips that you are going to give us, tell us about yourself and your background and how you got into this work. Erica: So, I am American although I live in Thailand. I grew up in California. I loved traveling. My whole life. I always wanted to. I decided to make my way abroad when reached adulthood. It’s been about 7 years abroad altogether. Finally figured out a way that I could live the lifestyle that I loved and also have a career that really worked for me. So, I came to this path that I am on right now through getting my start as a social media marketer. Which then evolved into doing some of the higher level strategy stuff. What I found was that I really loved working with people to develop their stories and figure out how they can get those online to the people that they wanted to reach. Terri: What do you mean about developing their stories? People are going to have questions. Erica: I think we witness a lot change in our world over the last decade or so. What does it take to connect with people through your business and through your personal branding? It has really shifted. There used to be things you could do and then things you couldn’t do. There is your personal life and then there is your professional life. Now it’s sort of melding. People now are really craving authenticity in a way that we weren’t before because we have almost unlimited options in terms of who we can turn to for input. Who we can turn to for advice. For someone to stand out in a crowd now, it take a lot more now. People are looking to work with people who they can really connect with on a deeper level. We have access to so many people to work with that in order to stand out, I think it’s really important to get really clear on who you are and who you like working with. Then to really figure out how you can talk about that. How you can share what makes you unique, what kind of life experiences you have had, and that may extend far beyond what was considered the professional realm. Terri: How does someone go about figuring this out? Erica: it’s a process. There is no standard answer because it depends on where you are in your own comfort level with sharing your story. There are vulnerable spots you may have. For me, I think about the lessons I want to share and then instead of just saying in the abstract, ok this, this and this, I really try to look for a way to back it up with an anecdote to explain how I reached that realization. I like to explain the reasoning how I discovered things. It’s about taking these things that you talk about in abstract and figuring out how you can apply personal authorities. When people hear that you have lived it, they are not able to refute that it’s true. It is something that you have really been through. I think a lot of that has to do with practice as well. No matter who you are, when you first start sharing your story online, and …