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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Dec 28, 2020

Many of us go through life wondering, why are we here, what is the purpose? We miss out opportunities to remember our happy state and choose to focus on things to keep us unhappy about our lives.

Discovering our PlayFlowState and awakening our original purpose, play, can reignite our joy of life, reminding us that this world could be our Playground.

It's important for us to remind ourselves every day that it is safe to play! Everything we do can come from this state of self-entertainment. The Path of Play is yours to walk!

This week on Heartrepreneur® Radio & TV Terri sits down with Zander Phelps, Founder of HACKiDO!

Zander is known as the Fool of Play. His passion is to remind us of our inner-child by exploring how to obtain and maintain a “Play Flow State.” This flow state awakens the part of us that we have shut down from living in a society based on fear. The child within us wants to feel comfortable and wants to come out and explore the Playground of life. Zander’s goal is to spread the Path of Play to overcome depression, optimize brain function, and reawaken the inner-child that all of us were born with.

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