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Heart-repreneur® Radio

Dec 22, 2017

The challenge that we face when we put ourselves in the role of sales is we tend to think that we’re taking on that role of the manipulator, the persuader, the person who’s going to be ripping off the people that we are talking to. It paints an ugly picture and we’re finding it hard to sell with ease and integrity. Speaker, writer, marketer and business owner Mark SA Smith says you’ve got to get clear away that ugly vision of sales and detach it from yourself completely. Sales is the first step to loving up your customers because sales allows us to deliver what we do most. Mark says sales is about helping people change so that they can get what they want and need hopefully from you. When you have somebody come to you and talk about their pains and dreams, they are seeking you to help eliminate their pain and facilitate their dream. If they walk out without that happening, that’s when you’re ripping them off. Mark shares some tips on how you can change your vision and sell with ease and integrity.

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