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Heartrepreneur® Radio

Apr 20, 2018

As a US Air Force veteran, international radio show host, TEDx Speaker, performance enhancement expert and author, Sean Douglas has been through almost everything. He conducts online coaching and one-on-one workshops on mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual resilience skills that empowers people. Sean always says that you need to live your brand by living out your values, because your values are your brand. He shares some tools you can use to live an epic life. Sean advises that you write down the top five values and figure out the “why” behind each of them, what and how you would feel after accomplishing them. Values are the internal motivation, the internal compass. Once you have a value and you have a “why,” that’s the time you need to wrap a goal around it because values are where you want to be in life, and goals are just accomplishments along the way.

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